Otel El havlusu 50x90 250 gr (lüx) 20/2

50x90 cm Havlu, 250 gr
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Hotel Hand Towel 50x90 250 gr

100% cotton towel 50x90 cm

 All hotel textiles and hotel towels we produce in Denizli are manufactured from first class cotton yarn.

 Hand & Face Towel is manufactured in high quality in accordance with industrial use.

- Woven from 100% Cotton Ring yarn

- 100% Hydrophil, has gained qualification

- 16/1 ring yarn in weft, 20/2 (550tur) in the ground and 20/2 (220tur) ring yarn in the plow.

- The four sides are double-stitched.

- If the instructions for use are complied with, the product will continue to function until it completes its economic life


* The desired color and weight can be produced logically or smoothly.

Hotel Hand Towel 50x90 225 gr

Highest temperature 60 ° C

Mechanical movement is normal

Shaking normal

Centrifuge normal

Chlorine whitening and stain removal can not be done.

The ironing board is ironed with ironing at a maximum temperature of 200 ° C.

Dry cleaning is not applied.

Removing the stains with solvents is not allowed.

Drum Drying Not applicable

  • 250 gr
Havlu Ebatları:
  • 50x90 cm Havlu

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