Otel Tekstili Polyüretan Alez 90x200 cm

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The upper surface is circular knitted terry cloth (80% cotton 20% Polyester), the bottom surface is 100% waterproof breathable PU (Polyurethane) based membrane, absolutely PVC free. Adhesive is 100% reactive Polyurethane. Ideal for babies and kids who wet the bed.

It is 100% waterproof.

It is breathable.

Blows out the water steam.

The sweat that builds up during sleep dries quickly, providing a dry, clean and spacious sleep.

It does not feel thick due to its thin and flexible membrane, it is thin and flexible like your skin, it does not make sound.

It is coated with Polyurethane membrane completely preventing dust, dirt, moisture and liquid.

PVC free.

Our mattress fabrics have the Eco-tex 1 certificate which proves that they do not cause any damage even to the babies.

Long life. It can be washed more than 100 times at 90 C temperature.

It's durable. It's easy to use. No ironing required. Just wash and dry.

Can easily be fixed on the bed with the rubber on the bottom.

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